Wyse Laboratories, Inc.


In 1947, Wyse Laboratories was founded, preceding Gadjets, Inc. (then Gadgets). Research, experimentation and testing have always been important aspects of our operations, as we seek to adapt and evolve our product offerings to meet the changing needs of the industries we serve.

Not sure exactly what kind of seal will best serve in your application? Please contact us and we'll select or design a sealing solution and then put it to the test in a simulation of your environment to verify effectiveness.


In the first part we have the standard urethane wiper in the wiper groove of the glad to another cylinder. The contamination easily goes right past the wiper and seal, contaminating the cylinder. In the second part we have placed a Gadjets Hydrowype D-Series scraper on the outside of the glad so you can see exactly what is happening.

Asphalt crack filler was dried on hydraulic rod and attempted to remove using standard urethane wiper. Some of it remained adhered to the rod, but most of it became caught between the wiper and the rod. The test was then performed with a Gadjets Hydrowype M-Series metal rod wiper.

This was a customer request. I'm not the best welder around, but I was able to get some spatter on the rod. The D-series took it off with ease.